Terea heatsticks

Terea heating cigarettes Induction heating technology in one device. A new generation perspective IQOS ILUMA. This new system uses the Smartcore Induction System technology, which does not require any heating blade. These heat-less devices offer a cleaner way to heat tobacco from the core of a cigarette without burning the tobacco. This heating method provides a better feel, leaves no tobacco residue and does not require cleaning the device. Terea IQOS cigarettes are used with this new IQOS technology. It is worth noting that only TEREA heated cigarettes can be used with the ILUMA system.
IQOS ILUMA does not work with HEETS cigarettes, and TEREA cigarettes are not adapted for use with IQOS 2.4, IQOS 2.4+, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3 Multi and other devices that do not have induction heating technology.
You can buy TEREA IQOS cigarettes at gas stations, shops, etc.