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Hitaste P8

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HiTaste P8 heating system. HiTaste P8 is simple and easy to use, offering temperature control and automatic cleaning. When the heating system is fully charged, 25 complete heating cycles can be performed in one time.  

The device has a 12 months Heatin warranty. 

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Hitaste P8 features:  

  1. Ceramic heating element. 
  2.  OLED screen  
  3. Smart switch, vibration function. 
  4. Temperature control mode from 200 ℃ – 300 ℃. 
  5. Setting the smoking time from 180 to 360 seconds.  
  6.  Automatic cleaning function.
  7. Used with neafs, ccobato and other heatsticks. 


Once your HiTaste P8 is charged, you can start using it. 

  1. Set the temperature, press the + or – button until the desired temperature appears on the display, wait, the temperature can be set from 200 C / 392 F to 300 C / 572 F. 
  2. Set the cycle time: press the control button 5 times, the cycle time flashes, press the + or – buttons to reach the desired time, wait, the operating time can be set from 1.5 to 5 minutes 
  3. Insert the heatstick. 
  4. Press the control button three times to switch on the heating. The unit will vibrate to indicate that heating has started (heating takes about 15-30 seconds). The device will vibrate a second time when it is ready for use.  
  5. Before switching off, the heating system will give a warning vibration 15 seconds before the end of use. 
  6. The light goes out when the cycle is over.  
  7. Remove the heatstick by sliding the cover up. 
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