NEAFS heatsticks

NEAFS heatsticks are designed to be compatible with many of the Heat Not Burn devices that are popular around the world today. Also known as heating cigarettes, NEAFS has created its own special blend of natural herbs and tea leaves, which gives NEAFS a truly unique and pleasant taste. The use of herb leaves allows you to create a wider variety of flavors such as mojito, blueberry with mint, coffee. For those looking for a more traditional flavor, we also have Original flavors, each offering the true smooth taste of Virginia tobacco without the harmful toxins released when lit. Try NEAFS today!
Neafs is actively involved in the development and marketing of reduced risk smoking products. the company has innovated no-burn glow sticks that contain natural and non-tobacco ingredients and offer a pleasurable, reduced-risk smoking experience.
The term “reduced risk smoking experience” refers to products that are less likely to harm smokers.
Neafs coffee flavored heatsticks
Neafs sticks have a pure aroma of dark roasted coffee, reminiscent of a rich latte to be enjoyed on a beautiful sunny day. A great “pick up” at your fingertips! An unforgettably smooth experience. NEAFS coffee is a thermally non-burning stick that offers great taste packed with premium tea blend for an amazing experience as they are gently heated.
Neafs Blueberry Flavored Heat Sticks
Sweet and slightly sour taste of fresh blueberries, with floral undertones. It has a very aromatic taste and smell that will appeal to any fruit lover. Enjoy the comfortable and smooth experience of fresh fields everywhere. A truly unforgettable taste adventure, reminiscent of a dream. NEAFS Blueberry are heated sticks that offer great flavor packed with our premium tea blend for an amazing experience as they are gently heated.