Heatsticks CCOBATO reviews

Customer review of CCOBATO glow sticks.
These are heated sticks with zero nicotine, using tea leaves, CCOBATO. Because it uses tea leaves, there is no unpleasant smell or pungency and 0% nicotine. You can enjoy the scent of mint and melon by crushing the capsule inside the filter. I think this is a product that can be used for quitting smoking. As a smoker, my biggest concern was how I felt when I smoked, so I’d like to present this based on that. Compatible with Iqos, Hitaste, QOQ and other Heat Not Burn devices, this unique heat stick is nicotine free, cut using tea leaves instead of tobacco leaves. This heating product is presented by CCOBATO, which comes with a built-in capsule of menthol, blueberry, melon, peach, coffee and other flavors. Nicotine-free CCOBATO sticks are made by replacing tobacco leaves with nicotine-free black tea leaves.
CCOBATO Hami Melon seems to have a different taste. “HAMI MELON” written on the package is a variety of sweet melons (Hami melons) popular in China. Melon flavor is popular among vapes, but what about heated herb sticks? The first inclusion was a modest menthol. The taste of melon is very weak. When I crushed the capsule, the menthol immediately increased and I would say that the melon flavor is really noticeable.
Next is CCOBATO Peach. It was also a light peachy modest menthol to begin with, so crush the capsules early. I thought it would come out with a fluffy and sweet peach flavor, but it was a bit salty. It is a type of peach, somewhat similar to a plum. Both plums and peaches belong to the Rosaceae family, so there are some similarities, but they are a little closer to plums. However, after I smoked it twice, the flavor subsided to reveal a delicious peachy sweetness.


I expected the most from CCOBATO Coffee. I thought it would create an atmosphere like drinking coffee. As soon as I opened the package, I could smell the coffee. When I smoke, I can taste the coffee right from the start. A taste that can be called coffee menthol, the accent of which is a minty sensation. It tastes like a coffee shop from the good old days. When the capsule popped out, a strong aroma of coffee wafted out. It is delicious. I think it has a high quality flavor that is perfect for relaxing.
Is it possible to quit smoking and reduce nicotine consumption using CCOBATO glow sticks? If you are someone who likes the taste of menthol, CCOBATO will help you quit smoking and reduce smoking. With CCOBATO, you can find the flavor you like, quit smoking, or reduce your nicotine intake.