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Heatsticks are cigarette-like incandescent tobacco containers that are inserted into a Heat not Burn device, such as IQOS or Hitaste, and “smoked”. A great alternative to smoking and e-cigarettes for those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction. CCOBATO which are we sell are a great choice for those who want to switch immediately to a nicotine-free alternative. CCOBATO does not use nicotine, tobacco, or any other substance, but natural herbs that, when heated, they have great smell and taste. Healcier uses tea leaves that give a similar effect. Healcier is extremely common in Japan. 

The latest technology heatsticks with heat not burn technology are often mistakenly referred to as the new generation of electronic cigarettes due to their similar appearance to electronic cigarettes. Although visually similar devices, these are products based on completely different technologies. Heat not burns contain tea leaves, and heat not burn systems heat tea leaves to 350 ° C. Most consumers describe heat not burn sticks as products with a milder taste. This is due to the lower vapor temperature compared to combustion products. It is believed that heatsticks (systems) do less harm to health than combustion products. This is a great alternative for individuals who find it difficult to give up traditional smoking products. You will find Heat not burn products in our e-shop. 

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