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Heat Not Burn tobacco

What is heat not burn tobacco?  

This is one of the newest tobacco products on the market, using battery power to heat tobacco leaves to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) to produce an inhalable tobacco aerosol. Heat Not Burn tobacco was introduced into markets around the world, attracting trendy.

Introduction to Heat Not Burned Tobacco 

At present, the new electronic cigarettes appearing on the market are generally divided into three types: heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes, e-liquid electronic cigarettes, and inhalation energy bars. Heated tobacco products are tobacco products in which the user inhales aerosols containing nicotine and other chemicals. Heated tobacco products contain tobacco nicotine, a highly addictive substance, so it is addictive. Sometimes Heat Not Burn products contains herbal and others nicotine free additives, these kind of HNB product called herbal heatsticks (herbal heatsticks you can find at our shop). Heated tobacco products mimic the behavior of ordinary smokers, and some products use special cigarettes that contain tobacco for heating. 

How does heating tobacco products work? 
To generate nicotine-containing aerosols, heating tobacco products use battery-powered heating systems to heat the tobacco to 350°C (lower than the 600°C temperature of traditional cigarettes). The heating system device can be an external heat source that atomizes nicotine by heating special cigarettes (such as iQOS and Glo), or it can directly heat the tobacco leaves through a built-in sealing system to atomize nicotine (such as Ploom and Pax). 

Or Heat Not Burn products are electronic cigarettes? 
Heating tobacco products are not electronic cigarettes. It produces nicotine by heating tobacco and sometimes it produces nicotine free herbal heatsticks. E-cigarettes heat liquids, which do not necessarily contain nicotine, and most do not contain tobacco. 

Are heated tobacco products safer than traditional tobacco? 
Currently, there is no evidence that Heat Not Burn tobacco products are less harmful than traditional tobacco products. Some studies funded by the tobacco industry claim that compared with normal cigarettes, the formation and exposure of harmful and potentially harmful ingredients is greatly reduced. However, there is currently no evidence that reducing exposure to these chemicals will reduce human risks. Therefore, more independent research is needed to find out whether such products can reduce risks or harm. 

Heat-not-burn tobacco products are new types of tobacco products that use special heating devices to heat the processed tobacco or herbal heatstick to a certain temperature, but do not ignite the tobacco or herbals, so that the Heat Not Burn products is only heated without burning, and heated enough to emit smoke. The taste is closer to real smoke. The way the cartridge is used is not to be ignited in the air. 

More and more people around me were attracted by the heat not burn product, news spreads quickly in the world of smoke. when a smoker feels good about a product, he will recommend it to other smokers. so I think the popularity of the heat is not a burn more promoted by word of mouth than advertising. 

Global leader tobacco companies began to ramp up production of heat not burn devices and heatsticks, this type of product is sold not only in Japan, but has also been expanded to some European markets.  I believe that this next generation product will be a very promising future. 

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