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Experience of Heat Not Burn

New alternative Heat-not-burn tobacco product (HNB) systems use a temperature lower than that at which the contents of conventional cigarettes are burned. This produces smoke containing nicotine and other chemicals. The first HNB products appeared in 1988, but did not initially have commercial success. Interest in her arose against the background of frustration with electronic cigarettes, which could not provide the desired effect of the puff. Currently, tobacco heating systems are manufactured by major tobacco manufacturers. 

Although tobacco companies claim that HNB is safer than regular cigarettes, there is no hard and reliable scientific evidence to support this. Much of the research on this topic has been founded by manufacturers themselves, so their conclusions are questionable due to conflicts of interest.

One of the largest tobacco companies, launched a heating device inside which a cigarette was inserted. It became the predecessor to the Heat Not Burn system.  The company believes that HNB will completely replace tobacco cigarettes and vapes in the future, but industry analysts doubt that this will ever happen. 

However, later on, large tobacco companies took up this category of devices, presenting their devices for heating tobacco. Most of them are based on the fact that tobacco or tobacco heatsticks is heated to a certain temperature, but not set on fire.

This product category has given new impetus to the evolution of products for smokers. And investments in technologies from large “tobacco producers” immediately set a high level and worthy competition. 

Competition is generally one of the most positive factors for the development of the industry. It is therefore not surprising that with the rise in popularity of smoking alternatives, a wide variety of devices have emerged. 

In the case of the Heat Not Burn tobacco heating device, the developers managed to get closer to a real alternative to conventional cigarettes. 

On the one hand – the taste of tobacco, the usual sensations in the hand and the process almost identical to smoking. A week of intensive use of heatsticks has shown that it is very easy to do without regular cigarettes. 

For almost 20 years of experience in tobacco consumption, I have had the opportunity to try a variety of ways to smoke. In addition to regular cigarettes, I smoked hand-rolled cigarettes with cigarette tobacco. I tried cigarillos, at one time I actively used a pipe. Recently, thinking about health, I tried to completely switch to vaping and purchased an electronic cigarette. 

However, none of these methods as a substitute for cigarettes worked for me, an avid smoker. Rolls and pipes – due to the laborious preparation process, which means that it is impossible to smoke immediately when you want. Cigarillos disappeared due to the financial factor. And the vape, although it looked promising at first, remained for me a pocket-sized semblance of a hookah – the way of smoking and taste were different. 

I found out about heat-not-burn technology by accident: I noticed an unusual gadget from one of the passers-by. The stylish device, the size of a small cigar, was unlike any e-cigarette seen before. Some bewilderment was caused by the location of the filter, which looks quite “classic”, paper, – outside the device. This turned the whole structure into a “reverse mouthpiece”. Having become interested, I tried to find out more about the unusual gadget. 

So, here’s what I first learned from publicly available sources. The main difference between heat not burn heatsticks and ordinary cigarettes is that tobacco is not burned, as in ordinary smoking, but only heats up very much with a special blade. 

Due to the lack of combustion, the steam saturated with tobacco enters the lungs, and not the smoke containing the combustion products of tobacco and paper. Concomitant pluses – hands and hair do not smell, teeth do not turn yellow. At the same time, what is important, the process itself does not differ much from that which smokers are used to. It is comfortable to hold the device in your hand, as if you were holding a small cigar. You can hold heating device with your thumb and forefinger, or between your index and middle, like a cigar. For the sake of experiment, I tried to do it without hands, and I will say that with some experience it is quite possible. 

This is not to say that there is absolutely no smell from heatsticks. Nevertheless, due to the fact that tobacco is not burned in heat not burn device, the intensity of the smell from using the gadget is several orders of magnitude less than from ordinary cigarettes. In addition, the smell lasts much less time, after all, an aerosol is not smoke. The aerosol itself resembles a small light haze and disappears into the air literally immediately. 

For the sake of experiment, I tried to use heating device in my office, when my colleague left for a few minutes. When he returned, he did not notice anything. To complicate the experiment, I “colluded” with the deputy of my nonsmoking supervisor, and when she left, I used one stick in their office. When she returned 15 minutes later, she also did not feel that heatsticks was used there. I tried heat not burn device both in the car and at home – after a very short time, there is absolutely no smell either. 

What you should pay attention to is the heat sticks used. There really is a smell from them, and quite noticeable. Therefore, if you are using heating device indoors, make sure there is somewhere to throw them away. The smell can also remain on the holder after frequent use. But very small, especially if the holder is regularly cleaned. 

The first thing that comes to mind of smokers who saw heat not burn heating device is the possibility of using regular cigarettes with it. I must say right away that I did not conduct this particular experiment due to its apparent uselessness. Let me remind you that the processing technologies for tobacco heatsticks for heat not burn device and cigarettes are radically different. That is why when trying to insert a regular cigarette into heat-not-burn device, there is a great risk of breaking or spoiling the heating element of the device. Consisting, for a moment, from ceramic and platinum. In addition, heat not burn sticks are impregnated with a special glycerin solution that evaporates when heated. So, even if you insert a regular cigarette into the holder, you will practically not feel anything as a result. 

Even at the stage of studying the features of heat not burn cigarettes on the Internet, I discovered that the gadget, although new, is already very popular, including among politicians and businessmen. Later I found out that many of my friends also switched to heat not burn tobacco for the same reason. 

So after purchasing it, I got a small focus group to compare “first impressions”. After the first test, the majority of ten people liked the device: seven people said that the thing is interesting, although you need to get used to the taste. One girl did not like the taste of heatsticks at all, although she was tolerant of menthol heatsticks. Two people decided that heat not burn cigarettes would not work for them, as they smoke quite intensely and very strong cigarettes. They thought that they simply would not smoke. In addition, they are accustomed to smoking cigarettes one after another, but here you will have to wait about 5 minutes for the holder to charge. However, both considered that the absence of combustion products in the light could be a rather weighty argument in favor of this device. 

People looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes who are already familiar with vaping and the variety of e-liquids usually ask why there are so few flavors for Heat Not Burn. But in Ukraine, the device is still only gaining popularity. For example, in Japan, the range of heatsticks is much wider. It is not excluded that soon the Ukrainian assortment will also be increased.  

The difference is so obvious that, summing up the results of testing, I can only say one thing – if you really have the opportunity to choose how to indulge your smoking habit, then you can do it with Heat Not Burn technology. 

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