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It is a heat stick with zero nicotine using tea leaves, ccobato. Compatible size heat stick that can be used with blade-type heat-not-burn tobacco devices. You can enjoy the scent of mint and melon by crushing the capsule inside the filter. I think it is a product that can be used according to smoking cessation assistance and TPO. As a smoker, my biggest concern was how I felt when I smoked, so I would like to introduce it based on that. 

Non-nicotine, which is compatible with the Iqos, Hitaste, QOQ and others Heat Not Burn devices, exclusive heat stick and cuts nicotine by using tea leaves instead of tobacco leaves, is now becoming a genre with a succession of entrant manufacturers. Introducing this time is “ccobato”, which has a built-in capsule menthol and a wide variety of blueberries, melons, peaches, coffee and other flavors. 

Tobacco leaves contain nicotine. If you burn it when you smoke it, tar will come out. Furthermore, the non-nicotine CCOBATO heatsticks are made by replacing the tobacco leaves with black tea leaves that do not contain nicotine and cutting nicotine.  

Contains capsule menthol and contains highly viscous tea leaves Let’s smoke it right away. I thought, but first of all, I had a hard time opening the box. Normally, the non-nicotine heatstick peels off the film to open the box, but for some reason, the box of CCOBATO heatsticks is perforated and is not separated. Moreover, it is durable. I carefully cut the perforations with my nails, but this is quite powerful.   However, the rolling paper is abnormally hard. When dropped, it makes a sound as if it was dropped with a ballpoint pen. When I disassembled it and looked inside, it was not a kneaded tobacco leaf, but the tea leaves of black tea were hardened with high viscosity. 

“CCOBATO Hami Melon” seems to have different tastes The “HAMI MELON” written on the package is a cultivar of sweet melon (Hami melon) that is popular in China. Melon flavor is popular with VAPE, but what about herbal heatsticks? The first suck was a modest menthol. The flavor of melon is very slight. When I crushed the capsule, the menthol became stronger at once, and I would like to say, “There is a melon flavor …”, but it has a melon feeling, but it is a little difficult to understand. A popular soft drink flavor overseas is cucumber, which is close to that. Is it the white part near the skin of a watermelon. I think this will choose someone who smokes a little. 

Next is “CCOBATO Peach”. This was also a light peach-flavored modest menthol at first, so crush the capsules early. I thought that the fluffy and sweet peach flavor would come out, but it was a little salty. This is a type of peach that is a little like plum. Both plums and peaches belong to the Rosaceae family, so there are some similarities, but they are a little closer to plums. There is a feeling of regret when I think of dried plums with the “rose scent” air freshener. However, when I smoked it twice, the flavor subsided and the sweetness of a delicious canned peach came out, which made it delicious. 

What I expected most was “CCOBATO Coffee”. This is because the publisher of “CCOBATO” is Salome, a long-established smoking equipment manufacturer founded in 1945, which is famous for lighter manufacturing (in recent years, it has also expanded to Vape), and its retro-cool presence may be at a coffee shop. I thought it would create an atmosphere like drinking coffee. As soon as I opened the box, I smelled coffee. When I smoke it, I feel the coffee flavor from the beginning. A taste that can be called coffee menthol with a mint feeling as an accent. It’s chic. It tastes like a coffee shop from the good old days. When the capsule was popped, the sour coffee aroma, which is the basis of Showa Retro Cafe, spread. This is delicious. I think it has a high-quality taste that is perfect for relaxing time. 

Is it possible to quit smoking and reduce smoke with CCOBATO heatsticks? If you are a person who loves menthol flavor, “CCOBATO” will help you to quit smoking and reduce smoke. By gradually reducing the number of bottles to one in four, one in three, and one in two, it will be easier to reach at least smoke reduction. The best strategy is to have someone gently mix some “CCOBATO Blueberries” in “Tobacco HeatStick Purple Menthol” without noticing it (although it is hard to wear). Cheat yourself). And all of them are replaced with “CCOBATO Blueberry”. This is because it has reached a level where it would not be strange to be able to do it. The way steam is emitted and the exhilaration of menthol are almost the same. As long as you can find the flavor you like in “CCOBATO”, virtually smoking cessation and smoke reduction with nicotine zero should not be a dream. 


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