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CCOBATO Heatsticks

CCOBATO heatsticks is committed to providing nicotine-free tobacco alternatives. Ccobato Technology Ltd was established in April 2019. It has been committed to providing diversified cigarette alternative products for consumers with different needs.

Ccobato heatsticks is a heating cartridge that uses tea instead of tobacco leaves and has 0% nicotine.  

CCOBATO Electronic Materia Medica is a revolutionary product (0 nicotine, 0 heavy metal, 0 formaldehyde). Without using any tobacco, it restores the true heat-not-burn smoke to the greatest extent, bringing you familiar smoking Feeling, applicable to all people. 

●Smoke-free: Our products are a mixture of herbs and natural spices. In order to avoid the potential harm of tobacco, no tobacco is added. 

●Nicotine-free: This heatsticks does not contain nicotine or nicotine salt.

●Not addictive: Our Heat Not Burn products do not contain any other substances that may cause addiction. There is no dependence and it is easy to quit smoking.  

●No heavy metals: All ingredients in the herbal heatsticks are made of natural materials picked from CCOBATO company plant base.  

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