CCOBATO cigarettes

CCOBATO is a heat not burn brand that uses herbs instead of tobacco in its products. CCOBATO is the reverse of TOBACCO, which shows the company’s commitment to providing smokers with tobacco-free, nicotine-free and no harmful heavy metal tobacco substitutes. This makes it easier for habitual tobacco smokers to significantly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. in 2020 February. CCOBATO Electronic Herbal passed JFRL and TCT test. The JFRL test was conducted by the Japan Food Research and Analysis Center to ensure the safety of materials and health, no nicotine, no harmful heavy metals and no harmful smoke.
CCOBATO is known as a non-tobacco product. Our non-flammable products heat only natural spices. Using the nicotine replacement method and the most appropriate heating temperature, users can enjoy a better taste and reduce the smell. The inventor of CCOBATO has studied smokers for decades and is familiar with smokers’ habits and preferences. That is why it requires heating and not burning the natural spices in the device.
CCOBATO has an electronic herbal formulation laboratory and an R&D center for automatic equipment. The company has developed a fully automatic production line based on a unique thermally non-burning process for the production of herbal sticks. The pipeline integrates leading technologies such as AI image positioning, intelligent control, real-time tracking, high-speed machine, and more. for herbal stick structure and electronic herb processing machines. International PCT patents are also pending. The patents cover the areas of formulation, manufacturing process and automated manufacturing equipment. Now,CCOBATO has developed a full range of complete independent intellectual property rights, and based on this, it has continuously developed and developed its own patent pool. CCOBATO has a wholly-owned domestic sales subsidiary (Chengdu Qirongsheng Trading Co., Ltd.) and an overseas wholly-owned sales subsidiary, HongKong Ccobato Ltd., and has established a perfect sales system and marketing network. At present, CCOBATO has entered the markets of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, the European Union and other markets and has achieved very good feedback for its products.